Wireless Bridge - RUTX10 - Static addresses


I’ve got a RUTX10 that I want to setup as wifi client/Wireless bridge, we have static addresses in the setup I want to integrate this solution into.

How do I solve this problem? I’ve been trying multiple guides on this forum and posts but unfortunately not been able to solve this.

I’m able to connect the RUTX10 to the SSID but not been able to make the LAN PCs able to communicate.



Sorry for the late response. While configuring a Wireless bridge, I recommend referring to our wiki page first: RUTOS relay / Wi-Fi extender / repeater / bridge configuration.

Additionally, there may be a need to add a route between networking devices so that LAN devices can communicate with each other. For that, you can take a look at Static Routes.

These wiki pages should help with configuring what you want to achieve. The articles provide detailed instructions with examples and screenshots.

Please let me know if you will need help with anything else.

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I was able to solve this by connecting the RUTX10 to the wireless then relaying the LAN to wireless interface.


Good to hear you solved it!
Are there any more issues or questions I can help with?

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