Wireguard VPN not LAN access


I followed the Teltonika Wireguard VPN example “WireGuard Configuration Example - Teltonika Networks Wiki”.

The tunnel is up. I can reach VPN IP from both side and (RUT240). I can also reach the local IP address of both router for RUTX08 and (RUT240).

But I can’t reach any other lan device 192.168.1.xxx behind the RUTX08 or 192.168.3.xxx behind the RUT240 over the VPN.

The Rules looks fine… the firewall interface is in the LAN…

On the RUTX08: set Allowed IPs to +
On the RUT240: set Allowed IPs to 10.0.01/32 +
Make sure that the default route of the devices point to the router ( on the RUTX08 side, on the RUT240 side).
And set wireguard => lan to Accept / Accept / Accept in the firewall for both sides.

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Hello Patrick,

Thank you for providing detailed information.

I would like to provide further clarification in addition to the response provided by my colleague.

To successfully establish the desired connection, it is important to configure static routes on both of the devices involved. To initiate this configuration, please follow these steps: Access the router’s interface by navigating to “Network” → “Routing” → “Static Routes”.

On both the RUTX08 and RUT240 devices, you should identify and select the appropriate interface. This would be the Wireguard connection that you have previously set up(for example Server/Client)

For the RUTX08 router:

For the RUT240 router:

By meticulously configuring these static routes on both devices, you will effectively enable the seamless communication desired within your network setup.

Should you require any further assistance or clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Best regards