Wireguard VPN between FritzBox an RUTX50

Hello everyone,

I use a FritzBox 7490 at home with my fiber optic connection. I have a small warehouse where I would like to install the RUTX50 so that I can access my PC in the warehouse, etc.

Unfortunately, my first RUTX50 was defective, so I am receiving a new one.

I haven’t been able to establish a VPN connection between my FritzBox (at home) and the RUTX50 (in the warehouse) with the previous RUTX50.

When I export the Wireguard settings of my FritzBox, I get a nice overview of PrivateKey, PublicKey, Preshared-Key, Endpoint, etc.

However, I can’t find a clean documentation that specifies exactly what I need to enter where on the RUTX50.

Here are my data, anonymized.

PrivateKey = u123456789123456789123456789123456789s=
Address =
DNS = fritz.box
AllowedIPs =
Endpoint = zABCDEFGHABCDEFGHe.myfritz.net:52957
PersistentKeepalive = 25

Maybe someone can help me with that?
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Good evening,

It seems I have now successfully managed to establish a VPN connection between the RUTX50 and my FritzBox 7590 using WireGuard.

I have documented the whole process with screenshots, which I have appropriately anonymized. Perhaps it will be helpful to others. It essentially contains the information from this thread:

Link to thread

However, there is a mistake in the thread where it says “4. Set IP addresses to”; in my view, it should be “” (representing a network range), not the dedicated IP address

A note to Teltonika: It would be really helpful if your documentation regarding the FritzBox could be expanded.

FritzBox WireGuard Export in Editor:

Teltonika VPN Settings (Services → VPN → Wireguard)

General Settings:

Adavances Settings:

After adding a peer, General Settings:

Still in peer, Advanced Settings:

And then “Save & Apply”

View in FritzBox:

On the RUTX50, unfortunately, I am unable to display/see the status of the WireGuard VPN connection. It appears that this issue has been unresolved with Teltonika for years.

I hope that my post can help as many people as possible.

Kind regards,


Thank you for sharing your configurations with the community; it will be very helpful for others!

We appreciate your suggestions, and we strive to expand the documentation to cover as many equipment types as possible that our clients use with our devices. I hope that in the future, documentation regarding FritzBox will be expanded.

Regarding the issue of not seeing the status of VPN on your RUTX50, it appears that you are using an older firmware version. I suggest upgrading to the latest RUTX_R_00.07.06.10 firmware version and checking if the issue persists.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,

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thank you.
I’ve installed the actual firmware now. Could you please describe me, where I can see the Status of the VPN Connection exactly (in which menu)?


I’m sorry, but the VPN status in the WebUI is currently only displayed for the following VPN types:

  • OpenVPN;
  • IPsec;
  • and L2TP.

As for WireGuard VPN status, WireGuard itself does not maintain extensive logs by default. Therefore, it is not possible to create a live status for that VPN connection.

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