WireGuard not working on RUT240

Hello everyone, I can’t setup WireGuard VPN on RUT240. I followed the instructions from the Internet, but nothing works.

I need access from my PC on Router, and need to have access to all devices connected on Router.

I can’t get a Handshake at all.

I only have LTE Internet on RUT240.

Any suggestions?

You probably have a private IP address on the mobile interface your router can’t be reached from the outside world. Ask your provider for a public IP address or use another VPN (zerotier, tailscale, RMS …)

Hello Flebourse,

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I have public IP if I Google my address I can see the address. But also wenn I look under MOB1S1A1 I see private address So Im not sure do I need Traffic or Firewall rule maybe?

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Sure, you have a public address in order to be able to get out of the network. Unfortunately this public address belongs to the provider it is the address of some output interface on a router in its network. is not routable no traffic or firewall rule will help you.

Hello Flebourse,

How then I can have VPN over LTE?
Only if provider gave me IP Address?

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As mentioned above: Zerotier, tailscale …

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Thanks for Help!

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