Wireguard Help getting setup

OpenVPN is simply too slow on the RUTx11 so I’m looking to try a wireguard service.

Is there a commercial wireguard provider that just works with this router? I’m looking for one that is easy to get running?

Is there an up to date walkthrough of setting one of these services up?

It’s so easy to get ExpressVPN working on the router. Is there something like this for wireguard?

Here’s the config file I received from Mullvad (I’ve changed the details to be dummy values)


Device: Crowd Source

PrivateKey = YDaCY901e56d25939a82b0a57f1f92a0943b5Xh9UXc=
Address = 100.615.62.13/32,fbb0:ccff:ccff:bb01::1:4ac/128
DNS = 10.614.0.213
PostUp = iptables -I OUTPUT ! -o %i -m mark ! --mark $(wg show %i fwmark) -m addrtype ! --dst-type LOCAL -j REJECT && ip6tables -I OUTPUT ! -o %i -m mark ! --mark $(wg show %i fwmark) -m addrtype ! --dst-type LOCAL -j REJECT
PreDown = iptables -D OUTPUT ! -o %i -m mark ! --mark $(wg show %i fwmark) -m addrtype ! --dst-type LOCAL -j REJECT && ip6tables -D OUTPUT ! -o %i -m mark ! --mark $(wg show %i fwmark) -m addrtype ! --dst-type LOCAL -j REJECT

PublicKey = vnD/2bCGqH901e56d25939a82b0a57f1f92a0943b5a=
AllowedIPs =,::0/0
Endpoint =

Can ANYONE tell me how to get this information into the RutX11 so I can get wireguard set up?

My goal is to have everything run through wireguard unless I flip the enable switch off in the GUI then I just want data to flow directly out. Basically just like OpenVPN works on the router (only faster).

If this isn’t the right place to get support, where should I go?

Look at this little router company that put a great and easy to follow set of instructions online:

Teltonika, please do the same


This is a public forum, don’t post private or public keys here.

This is obviously wrong, bytes have values between 0 and 255.

The values above will interfere with the default route, use,,::0/1,8000::0/1 instead.

Routing all traffic through wireguard interfaces is tricky there are several posts about the subject, look here for example.


Please read what I wrote. I said I replaced all of the real values with dummy values…

Why is it tricky? My cheap travel router took 2 minutes to get set up.

You can’t route all traffic through the wg interface blindly, there must be an exception for packets to the wg server itself.

I’ll just switch to the travel router since it is MUCH easier to set up and it “just works”.

You guys need to update your firmware to address this complication.

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