WiFi Problem on rut200 and modem update

I have two problems:

  1. Like on the SS, there is no way to update modem firmware. I do not have free sim card for plugging them when I need update them. 2. Router have some time increasing PING(ping from PC to RUT200) , have signs like that:


… It sometime work fine, but sometime after reboot it works like that about 2 hours, and then bac to normal 2-30ms ping,

Thanks for all,
Sylwester M.

EDIT, a can not add Troubleshot file again(new user for 2 months)


There could be several reasons for this issue. Are you accessing your router via Wi-Fi, and do you have many devices connected? Your router might be experiencing heavy traffic, which could cause high ping latency. Additionally, do you have any specific configurations or uses for the router that might be affecting its performance?

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