Why most of the packages are not up-to-date?

Hi Tailscale,

is there a reason why the UI offers quite outdated packages?
For example, for the package Tailscale it offers version 1.50.0 from September last year. Not only is this version a hotfix available from the tailscale site (1.50.1), but there are also some new versions out there. (of the day of writing this, it’s the version 1.56.1.

Are there ways to get faster up-to-date packages?

Hope we can improve the process of upgrading packages. Maybe it’s an option too, to allow users that don’t run mission critical systems to jump into some kind of preview release for the packages. So they agree with maybe instabilities but can get newer packages faster. This would have the site effect, that many users can find a bug, where it is less a problem.


thank you for your feedback, we will consider it as input to improve our device in the future. The reason why several packages have outdated versions is the newer package version might have compatibility issues with the current device’s function so the specific package versions are selected to ensure the device’s functionalities work properly.

Additionally, the packages are being updated periodically, although updating them can take some time because we apply our changes to these packages and they need to be thoroughly tested before they can be added to the main release version of RutOS.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Alam N.

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