What modem do you recommend?

What modem do you recommend based on my requirements below?


  • Capable of Passthrough or Bridge mode
  • 4G
  • 2x2 (2x?) MIMO for 4G - Sweden (Northern Europe)
  • Carrier Aggregation

I have two directional external 27dbi MIMO antennas and very good 4G coverage but rather poor 5G coverage (the property is in the countryside). So I see no reason to get a 5G modem right now, either because the 5G coverage is poor or because the hardware is significantly more expensive, and the speed that 4G offers is more than sufficient!

I have created a simple topology of what my network looks like. There is more to it, but it felt unnecessary to draw everything out.
See the link (mobiltbredband = mobile broadband): topologi.png - Google Drive

Thanks in advance!


It looks like you only need a device for a mobile connection. In this case, the TRB series devices would be a perfect fit. However, only the newest model, TRB160, has all the features you need. This model was just announced, so you might need to wait a bit to get it. Another option would be the RUT260.

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