WhaT Buy? a model router gateway or modem Teltonika?

Hi, I need to purchase your router that has the ability to have the web network as a source from both a 5G/4G sim card and a WAN port for failover or load balancer: furthermore, it has a USB port that is enabled for tethering from a smartphone or to connect a USB wifi dongle. I noticed your products such as the RUTX50 or the TRB 500 or the modem series. What compatibility does the RUTX50 have with the USB port? Can it power a USB dongle?


Based on the specifications you need, I would recommend considering the following options:

  • RUTX50: Suitable if you require features like Wi-Fi, GPS, support for 2 mobile SIM cards, and additional LAN ports.

  • TRB500: Ideal if you need a 5G mobile gateway.

Additionally, please note that the USB port on the RUTX50 cannot be used for mobile phone tethering or connecting a Wi-Fi dongle. However, it does offer various other functionalities, which you can explore in detail here: RUTX50 USB Tools.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to ask.

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