VPNQuickConnect works from wan interface but not 4g connection

Im attempting to use VPN quick connect to access a device on a RUT955 LAN interface. My network configuration is as follows:

  • My RUT955 is running firmware version RUT9_R_00.07.05.4.
  • I have these interfaces listed in the wan connection list (mob1s2a2, wan, mob1s2a1)
  • The Mobile device has been issued an ip address, and its enabled and has failover turned on. We have a single simm card in slot 2.
  • The wan device shows as down and but is enabled an has failover turned on.

This is what I do to attempt to connect.

  1. I use the builtin SSH terminal to login into the remote device. I ping the device in question and it responds to the ping request. I exit the ssh terminal.
  2. I then create a quick vpn connection to the RUT955. I click autoscan and I see the device listed. I select its checkbox and complete the quick vpn install.
  3. I start the VPN client on windows and I enable the newly created quick vpn hub.
  4. I note the IP in the vpn client route section.
  5. I open a dos window and attempt to ping it. I get no response.
  6. Now I login to the builtin SSH terminal and ping the same device. The device responds to pings!!!

I then follow the same steps but this time, I use a different RUT955 that has the wan interface connected to the buildings ethernet and the 4G network. This time, it works and im able to create and ping the remote device from my Windows machine.

My guess is the ping is being routed to return on the wan interface even though its not enabled.

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You mentioned that you are unable to reach the LAN device when connected to your first RUT over RMS VPN. Are you able to ping the RUT itself via its VPN IP address, i.e. 192.168.255.x ?

If you disable failover, are you able to reach the device then?

What is the subnet network of your PC that you’re attempting to connect from, and what is the subnet network of the LAN on the first RUT?

Could you try pinging from the Windows machine by specifying the the VPN interface as the outgoing interface for ping (ping -S 192.168.255.pc 192.168.255.rut) ?

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Problem between keyboard and seat!!!

We have the wrong default gateway specified and it worked for most things.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.


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