VPN tunnel bajo IPSec networks no ping

Hola! tengo una duda sobre la configuracion de RUT950 para conectar ambos extremos de tunnel IPSec.

seguí una guia sobre la creacion de tunnel IPSec entre Teltonika RUT950 y Fortigate FG100, resultó correcto segun imagen

pero tengo dudas de los port forwarding que deberia realizar.

Alguna ayuda?


Port forwarding is not needed when using IPsec, as it does not create a virtual VPN interface. By default, from the Fortigate you should be able to reach the IP addresses specified within the “Remote subnets” field. So from the fortigate you should be able to reach the entire network, and from the RUT950 you should be able to reach subnet.
If that’s not the case, please share your IPsec configuration screenshots from the RUT950, as well as the Fortigate. Make sure to blur out the sensitive information!

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tal vez si agrego el host que llega desde el otro lado?

Además, estuve revisando las politicas del lado de fortinet, y parecen correctas

Saludos cordiales.


Please update the firmware on your RUT950 to the latest and re-check the if the connection still does not come up. If it does not, perhaps it would be possible to see some more configuration options on the Fortigate? The attached screenshots contain very little information about the configuration.
Additionally, it seems like we have a few older configuration examples between Teltonika IPsec and Fortigate devices:

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Txs for the tip.

the problem are one object at the fortinet firewall :smiley:

best regards!

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