VPN Site to site to Unifi (Ubiquity) From RUTx50

I currently have two installations made with Unifi gear from ubiquity,
I have both sites interconnected with a site 2 site vpn tunnel using open vpn protocol.
This Site to site from ubiquity allows each site to access the internet with their own public IP address, though, you can reach users from one site subnet to the other site subnet.

I want to connect now my Teltonika network from site 3 back to my Unifi site 1.

For Unifi site to site using Open VPN I followed this guide, It is pretty straight forward and has very little settings, fewer options than Teltonika, and I can’t get Teltonika to work.

For starters in the above settings there is not such a thing as a server and a client, both have the same role.



You mentioned that you followed a setup guide, but haven’t included it. Could you please share the guide? This would make it easier to pinpoint what might be wrong with the setup.

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Hi Marijus, the guide is the attached picture