VPN policy routing error

I have just upgraded the firmware to the latest version and checked the vpn-policy-routing after upgrading. It is all there but not working so decided to reinstall the package using opkg

When I run the command it stated there is an error because it cannot uninstall the old version. When i try to find the old version in /etc/init.d/vpn-policy-routing it says that the directory does not exist

Please help

Hardware RUTX09


Firstly, could you please specify the firmware versions between which you performed the upgrade? This information could be important. Also, did you choose to keep settings during the upgrade process?

Secondly, it’s worth noting that “vpn-policy-routing” is not included in the officially supported package list by Teltonika. You can verify this by executing the following commands: “opkg update” followed by “opkg list”. We cannot guarantee the proper functioning of these packages as they haven’t been thoroughly tested by us.

If you opted to keep settings during the firmware upgrade, there might be a mismatch with this package, potentially affecting its functionality, especially if there was a significant firmware version jump.

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Firmware moved two complete versions, from 07.05.04 to current version

I did save settings with firmware upgrade

I was following How do I route a few ip addresses through isp not vpn - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks as this is how my system is set up.

How do you recommend splitting the network then?

So a recent firmware has removed the requested app from OPKG

Having searched through the forum the only way to get it back is with:

opkg update --force_feeds /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf
opkg install vpn-policy-routing --force_feeds /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf

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