VPN on RUT956 - OpenVPN?

Hi all,

First time here. I’m trying to setup openVPN on this router, Firmware up2date.

I followed outdated docs like this one: OpenVPN configuration examples RUT R 00.07 - Teltonika Networks Wiki

But cannot even get the config to save.

So couple of questions:

  1. Which VPN is simple to installed and working for you?
  • From what I see, I need to struggle with certificates files on this router.
  1. Is L2TP, PPTP easier? My clients will be android phones, windows PC, MAC and IoS.

  2. For openVPN, with this config

    I get


I set up a quick PPTP VPN with no issue.

Will investigate if all clients are supported.

UPDATE: PPTP not supported anymore on Android.

It seems for Android the only one is IPsec, but on the router, the settings seem to be only for point to point server-server connection.

So stuck with OpenVPN

You can use wireguard on Android.

Ok, I solved the saving issue. I mistakenly used the same IPv4/24 range of the router for the Virtual network IP address.

That being said, the logs did not show anything.

Is there a debug logs that we can see/enable?

I cannot find a way to make the client connect. Tried for 12 hours different configurations.

I will open a new case with some specific ask, but seeing there’s little traffic here, not sure if I will find a solution!

Thanks anyway to anyone reading / participating.

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