VPN for only one of my WLANs


I have set up my RUTX12 with openVPN. It is working perfectly and all traffic goes through MullvadVPN regardless of which WAN is active, a sim card or a cable.

Now the next step I want to do is have two separate WLANs (SSIDs), where one of them goes through MullvadVPN and the other one (guest) does not. I have created the WLANs which are working fine, with different SSIDs and passwords.

However, I am not able to have the guest network go directly to the internet. Whenever I look at wimi.com or similar it is still “behind” the mullvadVPN. My impression was that I should set up Firewall Zones which I have done like this:

Where the “SpookyZone” is the unprotected LAN which uses the Guest WLAN. What am I doing wrong here? How can I direct all the WLAN traffic to go directly to the WAN without VPN?


If you want to split OpenVPN traffic, please take a look at our configuration example here.

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Thank you Andzej for the reply!

Could you please explain what this does:

uci set vpn-policy-routing.config.enabled=“1”
while uci -q delete vpn-policy-routing.@policy[0]; do :; done
uci add vpn-policy-routing policy
uci set vpn-policy-routing.@policy[-1].dest_addr=“”
uci set vpn-policy-routing.@policy[-1].interface=“ignore”
uci add vpn-policy-routing policy
uci set vpn-policy-routing.@policy[-1].src_addr=“”
uci set vpn-policy-routing.@policy[-1].interface=“VPN”
uci commit

And why this is not possible to do in the GUI?


The configurations that you have pasted are for vpn-policy-routing package for OpenWRT. It should be possible to use this package on Teltonika Networks devices as well, but this can be more complicated. For your use case, I would suggest following the configurations outlined in the configuration example that I have provided above. If your device has numerous existing configurations that could potentially interfere or if you’re uncertain about them, it’s advisable to reset your device to its factory settings. This precaution ensures that previous settings don’t hinder your setup when you follow the guidelines in the wiki article.

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The configurations I pasted are from the link you gave me, from your openVPN traffic split guide. My question is what they actually do.

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