VPN connecntions

i have four router Teltonika RUTX11These will be installed in each site to establish a VPN connection.
The main site will forward live voice streaming to each of the three sites
how to install in establish in RMS between four router without public IP and what’s different between quick vpn and hub vpn
and thank you


To establish connections between multiple RUTX routers using RMS VPN Hubs:

  • Create a single VPN Hub in which you add your RMS user and four RUTX devices in the ‘clients’ tab.

  • Make sure you enable LAN forwarding for each device in the ‘routes’ tab.

  • In the ‘routes’ tab of the VPN Hub, create routes to the LAN network of each RUTX device. For example, if the LAN network of RUTX_1 is, add a route to the network via the RUTX_1 device.

  • Ensure that each RUTX device has a unique LAN network; they cannot all be on the same network. You can modify the LAN network IP address for each RUTX in the WebUI under Network → LAN → Edit LAN interface. Adjust the LAN network for each device accordingly.

Heres an example of routes: via RUTX_1 via RUTX_2 via RUTX_3 via RUTX_4

The following video demonstrates how to create and configure a VPN hub:

In your case, you will need to add multiple devices and configure routes to those devices appropriately.

The distinction between RMS VPN Hubs and Quick Connect lies in the intended usage of the VPN. Quick Connect is designed for users who need to establish a VPN connection quickly but for a limited duration. RMS VPN Hubs, on the other hand, are more suitable for scenarios where you aim to maintain VPN connections persistently. Therefore, if your objective is to enable continuous communication between devices over a VPN, I would suggest to opt for RMS VPN Hubs.

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thank you for this advice
In the beginning, as an experiment, I added 2 routers to RMS and created a VPN between them, and ACTIVE SESSIONS is effective, but there is no PING process between the internal networks. END user The ping process reaches the private range in RMS. Where do you expect the problem to be from your point of view?


From what device are you trying to ping? What device are you trying to reach? What are the IP addresses of those devices?

Please, make sure that the PC is not on the same network as the other sites. If you have a PC connected to RUT, try pinging with a source IP specified. For example, if you try to ping a device in the network from a PC in the network:

# check IP address
#ping with source
ping -S

Also, please take a look at this post here.

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