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I hope you can help. My internet provider gives internet over fiber and send it on VLAN 101, so need to setup my router (RUTX10) to receive.

The only way right now I can make it, work is to use the provided Zyxel router in bridge mode, and i found that to be a weird solution when I have a Teltonika.

They provide a guide VLAN-tagging til forbinding af router og netværk - Hiper Hjælp (Danish) and with setup guides for TP-LINK, ASUS, NETGEAR and UBIQUITI.

Some of them uses an IPTV solution on WAN, some of them mentions 802.1Q Tag

My thought was to make

VLAN = 101 and make WAN = tagged, all others = OFF

WAN = DHCP and interface = eth0.101

I tried interface eth1 and eth1.101, at eth1 then it showed me an IP address ( and status = UP for 5-7 seconds, then it went to down again…

The only place I can find something in the guide about tagged VLAN in the WAN guide (RUTX10 WAN - Teltonika Networks Wiki) is under PPPoE protocol

What can I do/try? What am I missing? Is there anyone who have made Fiber internet with Danish provider Hiper work?




The correct configuration here would most likely look like so:

  • Navigate to Network → VLAN → Interface Based;

  • Create a new instance with any name (I’ll call it ISP for simplicity);

  • Once the configuration opens up, configure it as follows:

  • Save and Apply the changes. Then navigate to Network → WAN;

  • Create a new interface, specify a descriptive name, and configure the protocol as DHCP;

  • Under the Physical Settings tab, specify the created VLAN interface:

Save and apply the settings and check if the connection establishes.
Let me know how it goes.

Best regards,

Thanks alot for giving it an attempt Daumantas!

if i understand you correct, it did not work. I got no IP adress.

Any other suggestions?

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Apologies for a late response.
You seem to have configured everything correctly - 101 VLAN tag is applied on the WAN port of the device. Perhaps you could contact your ISP to check if they can see the DHCP requests coming in from their side?
Alternatively, if they cannot help, I will ask you to navigate to System → Maintenance → Troubleshoot page and enable the TCPdump option. Once enabled, select your VLAN interface (if available) or eth1/wan interface. Press Save & Apply. Capture the packets for ~1 minute and then download the file.
Once downloaded, within the archive will be a .pcap file that can be opened using Wireshark. Open it and check if any DHCP packets are being sent either direction and where it is getting stuck. Screenshot can also be attached in the next comment.

Best regards,

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