Using TRB145 to operate AC Contactors

We want to implement machine isolation operation with TRB145, a contactor and an MCCB, both MCCB and contactor are 64 Ampere. We want to operate AC contactors with TRB145 which will in turn switch on or off the MCCB as per command received at TRB145


Could you please provide more information, what exactly you would like to know, is that about if trb145 can operate with that !
If the relay supports any industrial protocol, or if it uses RS485 for proprietary communication protocol, like Modbus.

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The contactor operates on 230 VAC 50 Hz.

We want to perform Lock-out Tag-out operations on a machine digitally. For that we intend to install

  1. Contactors - which will control power supply to the machine
  2. Signal converters to convert gateway signal to 230VAC
  3. Gateway- which will forward the commands received from system

We intend to use TRB145 as the IoT Gateway/ Controller


Give me an understanding of Lock-out Tag-out - does that mean sending an electric command on a pin to trigger “ON or OFF” for device powering?
If I`m correctly understanding you told me about the contactors of the power supply, that means.

So in general:

  1. Contactor will accept the signal from the TRB device, and turn it on/off?
  2. Signal to convert - in meaning maybe about your commutation of a contactor?
  3. Gatawey forwarding is about receiving commands from mobile communication from SMS as I understand, here all correct device is designed for that type of task!

Anyway, here you can find information configuring controlling over rs485 - TRB145 RS485 - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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