Using RUT 955 as DNP3 Outstation

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Can I use RUT 955 as a DNP3 outstation ( Slave) to communicate with a remote SCADA which acts as a DNP3 master.
Also the RUT 955 will read data from local device by Modbus TCP/IP and after that I will make mapping for the data and send it by DNP3 protocol.


DNP3 is available as an additional package and can be configured in Master or Outstation mode. More information here and here.

Modbus is also available. Further information on Modbus can be found here.

However, the issue is that with DNP3 you can only read data from the RUT955. There is currently no functionality allowing the mapping of data gathered from a Modbus slave to DNP3.

As an alternative, you might want to consider using our ‘Data to Server’ feature here. This can send Modbus data to your server using HTTP(S) or MQTT.

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Thanks Andzej for your prompt reply.
By your experience can we replace the DNP3 protocol with MQTT which we need to comply with the below requirements:

  • The RTU should be communicated with SCADA system on specific Schedule Time.
  • In normal condition (if no any Alarm), each site will communicate with SCADA system four times a day.
  • There should be assign an option in SCADA system to poll the data of any site whenever he require.
  • If any Instrument value will change to its Alarming stage or any other critical Alarm take place, Then that site should communicate with SCADA system and transfer the information immediately.
  • Low data consumption.


In your case, the purpose of ‘Data to Server’ is to collect Modbus data from Modbus slaves and periodically send it to the server using MQTT. Essentially, the RUT955 device will gather Modbus data and forward it to the server.

If you require two-way communication with the Modbus devices, meaning you want to send MQTT messages to the router, which will then convert them into Modbus requests and send them to Modbus slaves, then the ‘MQTT Modbus Gateway’ is the solution you should consider.

By using the MQTT Modbus gateway, you can connect the RUT955 to the MQTT broker. This allows the RUT955 to receive MQTT messages from the MQTT publisher via the broker, translate those requests into Modbus requests, and then pass them on to the Modbus slave. In essence, this option enables you to communicate with your Modbus slave over MQTT.

We have wiki articles available regarding MQTT Gateway configurations here and here. So if you are interested in this functionality, I strongly recommend taking a look at those.

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