USE wan port to route from other lan?

Hi, i don’t have the need to use the Wan-port as a lan-port, but what i have done is setup the wan-port with a static ip address of And the lan-network is at I have setup a firewall rule to route:
IPv4 tcp, udp
From any host in wan
Via any router IP at port 48030
IP, port 4840 in lan

But we also use the mobile 4g-modem for internet connectivity, and therefore i would like to disable the use of the WAN-port for internet connections, should i do this by removing the wan+wan6 from the covered networks in the zone settings or is there a better way to do it?



Thanks for reaching us.

Could you maybe clarify more about the case as it is unclear what your purpose is or what you are trying to achieve?

If your project has a topology, that would be beneficial to share it with us.



To clarify, right now clients on the “machine line lan” can not access internet, due to the router trying to route them via the Wan-port, but the wan-port is not connected to the internet it is connected to an other LAN which is limited to factory designated communications.

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