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Hi guys,

I am still running a RUT950 and will sooner or later upgrade to a RUTX50.

For now and later (as the RUTX50 does not have a USB port) I would like to know, if its possible to add a device via USB TO ETHERNET adapter, in this case a video capture card.

I would like to add camera surveillance to the van and dislike all possible Wifi / Ethernet options because of the large form factor. I would like to add standard small sized, waterproof cameras with video signal via chinch.

Those signals would be channeled 4:1 and sent via one chinch cable to a video capture card. This card comes with an USB interface.

So, I think its not possible anyways due to lack of sufficient power through the ethernet slot (or as I remember, one of the RUT950 slots is POE, but dont know how much…) but if it is, would it be possible to remote access the video capture card’s stream??

(Sorry if I am technically totally mistaken, its a rough start to achieve what I am after… :wink:)

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Bumping this before it gets closed.

Ideas anybody? :grin:

Or am I too mistaken and its obviously not possible at all?


I’d like to address some misconceptions about our devices:

  1. The RUTX50 does have a USB port.
  2. Our routers do not support Power over Ethernet (POE). They can only be powered through the first LAN port. More information can be found here: Link to RUT950 Powering Options

As for using the USB port, please note that it cannot be used for video capture cards or similar gadgets. The USB port is designed for external storage, serial connections, or adding an additional modem.

I recommend considering WiFi/Ethernet camera options as they are widely supported and easier to install.

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Hi Marijus,

thank you for your response.

So, adding a device through the single POE LAN port with an USB to Ethernet adapter will not work, correct?

(Wifi cameras are not an option unfortunately, they are way to big and wiring is more of an issue than it is with simple 12V cameras.)

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As I mentioned earlier, our routers cannot provide Power over Ethernet. You’ll need to explore alternative power sources for your device, such as using a PoE switch or injector.

If your device supports it, a USB to Ethernet adapter can also be used, connecting to our router through the LAN side rather than the USB port.

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