Update: FMC003 OBD Data Long Delay


This is an update to my previous ticket FMC003 OBD Data Long Delay.

Recently released new firmware 03.29.00.Rev.358 for FMC003 GPS tracker hasn’t fixed an issue.

Still FMC003 doesn’t report any data when engine is switched on. Only does report data through OBD port after drove off a good 2 kilometres or about approximately 5 min later. But what is strange if engine is switched on and car is in idling status even waiting for a 10 minutes still no data is reported.

Teltonika, please fix this issue for FMC003 GPS tracker. This issue isn’t just for my car as on my previous post someone else commented that does have the same issue.

At this moment I do feel that I have paid money for a device which one doesn’t suit the purpose.


Hi @Tomas24

Good day, to investigate the issue, please provide the following details to your sales manager or to HD ticket.

  1. Device config files.
  2. Logs/dumps : How to capture direct log from FM device? - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (teltonika-gps.com)
  3. IMEI
  4. Vehicle details.


Best Regards
Maynard C