Unifi UDM SE and RUT956

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Im struggling to get my UDM SE router to get internet access via the RUT956.
My udm is getting an ip from the RUT956 and i have a passtrough on my mobile wan connection and the mac adress from my router configured in my RUT956.
When i use a lan port on my RUT956 i do have internet access.

Im figuring its a programming error from my side but i dont know where to look.

Is there someone who knows what im missing ?

Thanks in advance.


  • Could you please specify how you are connecting your UDM SE to the RUT956? Is it via an Ethernet cable or through WiFi?
  • Regarding your statement, I just want to confirm: Does this mean that other devices connected to the LAN ports of the RUT956 get internet access, or does it mean that the UDM SE gets internet access when connected to one of the LAN ports on the RUT956 via an Ethernet cable?

I will wait for your answers to assist you further.

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My UDM SE is connected with an ethernet cable

Al my devices are connected via the UDM SE.
We use the RUT956 only for the Cellular internet connection.
And for testing i have my laptop wired to the RUT956 on a lan port. My laptop then does have internet access.
When i connect my laptop via my UDMSE i dont have internet.


Thank you for confirming that. Please try adding a default gateway for RUT956 via the WebUI by navigating to Network → Routing → Static routes and adding a route to via the RUT956 LAN IP (default is

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I tried the above. But it aint working.

Maybe a different approach is better. I think it is routing or firewall problems.
What would be the basic setup for the RUT956 to be connected to the wan port of another router?


Basically, no additional configurations are needed when connecting RUT1 LAN to RUT2 WAN for RUT2 to access the internet. Can you please confirm if you are using the latest RUT9M_R_00.07.07.1 firmware version on your RUT956? If not, I kindly ask you to upgrade it and test your connection once again. If the issue persists, we can proceed further. You can download the latest firmware version from our wiki https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT956_Firmware_Downloads.

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