Unable to get Vodafone sim to work - RUT950

Dear All,
I wonder if someone can help.
I currently run my Teltonika RUT 950 on the 3 network (smarty sim).
I am currently in a poor eception area for 3. I have now changed over to VODAFONE and the SIM will not work.
I have checked to SIM in other devices and it works ok with very good reception.
My Teltonika router see’s that it has a Vodfone SIM and the reception signal is strong, I have gone throught the wizaed a number of time but I cannot get the SIM to work.
I am located in the UK

I anyone has any ideas I would be very very grateful.

Many thanks



Please check if the APN is set correctly. Sometimes, the Auto APN feature may not be able to determine the APN correctly as it might not be in the database yet. You can set the APN manually either during the setup wizard process or by navigating to Network → WAN, then clicking on “edit” next to your mobile interface. In the new popup window, you can disable Auto APN and set it manually.

Best regards,


Hi Marijus,
I will check this later and let you know.
Many thanks

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