Turn off IPv6 to prevent DNS leaks

I’m getting DNS leaks when I use the ExpressVPN service on a RUTx11. I was told it’s because of IPv6. Is the a way to turn IPv6 off or address the DNS leaks another way?

When I test for DNS leaks on ExpressVPN’s site, it says there are no leaks. However, ipleak.net shows the leaks of my ISP DNS servers.


For the Wired WAN interface, you could disable the wan6 interface to ensure your device would not get an IPv6 address.
If you’re using Mobile SIM card as your internet source, you could change the PDP type of the mobile interface to IPv4 only by navigating to Network → WAN, then edit the mobile interface. On the PDP type filed, select IPv4 only.

In addition, if you know the IP of the VPN server you were using, you could manually put it in the DNS Configuration of the router. Navigate to Network → DNS

After doing the configuration, make sure to reboot the device to ensure that the configuration has been applied well.

Lastly, I saw some article from the ExpressVPN website on how to troubleshoot DNS leaks issue -> https://www.expressvpn.com/support/troubleshooting/dns-leaks-windows-app-antivirus/

Kindly try the suggested methods above and see if it will resolve your issue.

Hope this helps, let me know the results :slight_smile:

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