TSW2xx SDK fails to build : Could not resolve hostname git.teltonika.lt

I’m testing out the SDK for the TSW202 and not getting a successful build.

I’m using the “dockerbuild” script and the first issue was a missing “zstd.h” which I corrected by adding “libzstd-dev” to the Dockerfile.

The issue I’m now stuck at is that the build is trying to access “git.teltonika.lt”, but this address is not known to the internet at the moment.

Any suggestions?

source archive: TSW2_R_GPL_00.01.01.1.tar.gz

make[3]: Entering directory '/home/bob/tswos-realtek-tsw2-gpl/package/kernel/realtek-sdk'
mkdir -p /home/bob/tswos-realtek-tsw2-gpl/dl
SHELL= flock /home/bob/tswos-realtek-tsw2-gpl/tmp/.realtek-sdk-1.0.tar.xz.flock -c '    (       echo "Checking out files from the git repository..."; mkdir -p /home/bob/tswos-realtek-tsw2-gpl/tmp/dl && cd /home/bob/tswos-realtek-tsw2-gpl/tmp/dl && rm -rf realtek-sdk-1.0 && [ \! -d realtek-sdk-1.0 ] && git clone  git@git.teltonika.lt:teltonika/packages/Realtek/kmod-rtl-sdk.git realtek-sdk-1.0 && (cd realtek-sdk-1.0 && git checkout 1.0 && git submodule update --init --recursive) && echo "Packing checkout..." && export TAR_TIMESTAMP=`cd realtek-sdk-1.0 && git log -1 --format='\''@%ct'\''` && rm -rf realtek-sdk-1.0/.git &&         tar --numeric-owner --owner=0 --group=0 --mode=a-s --sort=name ${TAR_TIMESTAMP:+--mtime="$TAR_TIMESTAMP"} -c realtek-sdk-1.0 |  xz -zc -7e > /home/bob/tswos-realtek-tsw2-gpl/tmp/dl/realtek-sdk-1.0.tar.xz && mv /home/bob/tswos-realtek-tsw2-gpl/tmp/dl/realtek-sdk-1.0.tar.xz /home/bob/tswos-realtek-tsw2-gpl/dl/ && rm -rf realtek-sdk-1.0;  )'
Checking out files from the git repository...
Cloning into 'realtek-sdk-1.0'...
ssh: Could not resolve hostname git.teltonika.lt: Name or service not known
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.
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This is a known issue and the necessary fixes will be included with TSWOS 1.2 GPL.
Thank you for reporting it!

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ok, thanks. Do you have an expected timeframe for the release?


Unfortunately, there are no current timeframes for this firmware release. Once it comes out, the firmware can be downloaded here: TSW202 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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