TSW212 Inter VLAN communication

Is it possible to route traffic between VLANS with a TSW212?

As an example
Port 1 is assigned Untagged VLAN1
Port 2 is assigned Untagged VLAN2
There is a device connected to Port 1 and receives a IP address from TSW212 through a DHCP server running on TSW212.
There is a device connected to Port 2 and TSW212 receives a IP address from this device to a interface assigned to VLAN2 from a DHCP server.
Both VLANS will be on different sub networks.

Is it possible to get the two devices to ping each other or will I have to incorporate a router eg RUTXR1?



Yes, you’ll need a router to manage traffic between LAN networks. A managed switch usually doesn’t handle traffic routing between VLANs. A managed switch works at Layer 2 of the OSI model, allowing it to create and control Virtual LANs (VLANs) for network segmentation. However, it lacks the ability to route traffic between different VLANs because routing functions happen at Layer 3.

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