TSW202 SFP uplink


I’m considering using TSW202 to provide power and connectivity to WiFI Access Points or IP Cameras in hospitality buildings.
What make such devices attractive to me is their compactness and off-the-shelf DIN mounting capability.

What I don’t know about them yet is how you can make use of included SFP cages.

Is there any supported Gigabit Ethernet copper or fiber SFP module that can populate these SFP
slots ?

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SFP ports on the TSW202 are designed to support fibre optic communication, allowing for long-distance connections without compromising speed or quality. The included SFP cages provide flexibility for connecting to different types of networks, including fibre optic connections.

Regarding compatibility of SFP modules with Teltonika devices, we have a wiki page listing modules that have been fully tested and confirmed to be compatible. You can find the list here: Compatible SFP Modules With Teltonika Devices.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Thank you very much for replying.

I see that a pair of TL-SM321A/TL-SM321B provide a 1Gb/s bandwitdth over a single fiber (which seems an improvement over Gigabit Ethernet which requires two fibers).
When you need to aggregate tens of TSW202 switches spread over a building, you then need a switch featuring tens of SFP TL-SM321A/TL-SM321B compatible slots.
Is there any recommended box (preferably a Teltonika or TP-Link one) providing this ?

Alternatively, adding a plain Gigabit ethernet copper or fiber to the list or better, selling a Teltonika-branded one, could be a welcome addition, IMHO.

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