Tring to communicate with ModSim32 Slave

Hello, I’m trying to run a first test with the RUT956 gateway device. Specifically, I am trying to use the RUT as a master to read a specific register on a virtual Modbus slave device. First, I would like to know if my connection setup is correct.

I used this configuration for RS485:

from this topic: Configuring RS485 on RUT955 - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks.

As shown in the image, I connected A+ to D+ on my Moxa device and B to D-. On the other side, I used ModSim32 to emulate my slave device, using COM1 for the USB port:

Then I configured the Modbus RTU in the server setup:

When I press the “Test” button, the message “Failed to send test request, daemon is down” appears. What am I doing wrong?

Additionally, why doesn’t it allow me to select the COM port for serial communication? Could you help me resolve these issues? Thank you for your support.

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