Trigger SMS Alerts via SNMP Trap (TRB140)


we have purchased the TRB140 to use it as a way to alert our engineers via SMS when our equipment gets too hot. Our current setup is completely offline and consists of a rack with a few servers and an environmental monitor with an onboard temperature/humidity sensor.

The goal was to set an SNMP trap in case the temperature hits a certain level. The TRB140 should receive the SNMP Trap and then generate a SMS to the engineer.
Unfortunately, we have not been able to make the TRB140 receive SNMP trap messages or read SNMP MIB of other assets from the TRB140. This makes us wonder if the TRB140 is even able to get SNMP parameters from other assets? According to this link it should be possible.

Accessing the TRB140 via ssh made us realize, that there is currently no program like snmpget or snmpwalk installed to poll MIBs.

Is the TRB140 able to function as an SNMP trap receiver?

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On the page you referenced, it provides remote control options for TRB140, stating that TRB140 information can be accessed via SNMP. Therefore, it can be used as a trap, but to provide information to an SNMP manager. In general, our router acts as an SNMP agent.

For temperature monitoring, you may need to explore alternative solutions. Our devices themselves can monitor their internal temperature, accessible via CLI/SSH commands. A script could be written to trigger actions based on certain temperature thresholds.

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