TRB500 unstable connectivity, what are the plans from Teltonika?

noted this thread that got closed:

i had a trb500 before and had similar issues.

looked at the release notes from last month, just changes around some led memory allocation, no fixes around modem and connectivity stability.

can teltonika senior tech staff please shed some light in this topic.

when can we see this device becoming mature enought to run more than a couple of hours wihtout needing a reboot…!?


As we are not able to replicate this issue locally, we have tried getting in touch with the original author of that post privately, but unfortunately, we were unable to reach out to them. If there is anyone else experiencing the “Denied” issue, please let me know - we would like to dig deeper to find out what could be causing the issue.
For speed issues - they are only experienced under certain scenarios, and we believe we have the fix for the issue. Testing is still ongoing by other users who encountered this issue before, but it’s likely to be released with RutOS 7.7 firmware.
If you have any further concerns - feel free to let me know.

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Hi, the original poster here.

Today, I sent the log files to Teltonika support for review. The reason for the delay was that after configuring the ping reboot, running it for a couple of weeks, and then disabling it to provide better logs (Teltonika instructed me to wait 15 minutes after denial for logs), I wasn’t able to replicate the problem anymore. So, the log files I sent were usually taken 2-5 minutes after the denial or after I had manually rebooted the TRB500. I hope they will still shed some light on the issue.

Anyway, currently, the TRB500 is working nicely. It reconnects without any problems, and yes, without ping reboot or any other alterations in the configuration. The temporary “ping reboot” fix also seemed to fix the whole denial issue somehow.

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