TRB500 + Telia 5G (Sweden)


I have a TRB500 + external Qumax Omni antenna that I can’t connect to Telia’s 5G (FWA); I only get a 4G+ connection. Once, I got a connection to the 5G network for a few minutes, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it since.

Telia says there’s good coverage out here, so it should work. According to their technician, they use NSA with bands N78 3500MHz and N35 700Mhz (I can’t find any information about this band). From what I can see, the TRB500 doesn’t support band N35.

I have tried to direct the antenna according to Telia’s bearings.

I have tried the SIM on my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S21), but I have the same problem: I only get 4G+.

I use firmware TRB5_R_00.07.05.

Output from commands:

Is there anything that I miss?

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n35 band does not seem to exist on tue 5G spectrum. In Europe, most operators use n78 (high speed, small coverage) and n28 (lower speed, but greater coverge) bands. In Lithuania, these are the bands Telia uses as well, so it’s likely that the same applies for Sweden.
If the SIM card does not pick up 5G even on a mobile phone, or picks it up for a short period, it’s likely that the restriction comes from the carrier side. It should be noted, that some carriers require the new SIM cards to be used in order to connect to 5G, so if your SIM card is quite old, I’d suggest changing it out.
Finally, I assume this was already investigated, but make sure your mobile plan supports 5G, as some carriers only offers it with certain plans.

Hope this helps!
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Thank you for your fast reply!

I have a new SIM, so that should not be the problem. My plan supports 5G, or that’s what I pay for at least :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how to interpret the result from the ubus command, but it looks like there is a 5G NR cell nearby? What do all the numbers mean in the response?



The response shows that there is n28 cell available nearby, as well as n78 cell with quite poor signal parameters. However, since Telia seems to use NSA configuration in Sweden, it’s not possible to connect to these cells directly.
I’d suggest installing the SIM card in your phone, downloading a cellmapper application from Google Play and checking the cells page. It usually displays if there is a 5G cell nearby and if you’re being rejected from connecting to it.
If possible, please post a screenshot of this page with Cell ID and LAC information blurred for privacy.

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