TRB500 system log in non-ISO8601 date format


Here’s a comment regarding date and time format in the system log on TRB500 with firmware TRB500_R_00.07.07.

The changelog for the firmware version states: “WebUI: unified time format to ISO8601 across the entire WebUI”.

The system log, however, displays date/time information in a different (and quite odd) format:

  • Example: Sat May 4 09:17:30 2024
  • Expected: 2024-05-04T09:17:30
    (or 2024-05-04 09:17:30 if ISO 8601:2004 is used.)

As the system log is a part of the WebUI, I guess this is an oversight?

Please forward to the feedback to your RnD team.