TRB500 Slow downloads at 25mbps on 5G N78, Uploads at 100Mbps

Brand new TRB500 with TRB500_R_00.07.07.2
modem FW - RG501QEUAAR12A08M4G_04.200.04.200
Carrier Cosmote greece 5g NSA rssi - 53

The TRB 500 modem is not using the N78 band for downloading, only for uploading. After conducting more than 50 repeated speed tests over two days, I managed to achieve a download speed of 400 Mbps just twice. From my thorough reading, it seems like this is a modem firmware issue related to the N78 band. Can someone please provide a link to download the firmware version RG501QEUAAR12A10M4G_04.200.04.200 or a newer version?
is it possible to command the device to use N78 for download?

root@TRB500:~# gsmctl -A ‘AT+QENG=“SERVINGCELL”’
+QENG: “servingcell”,“NOCONN”
+QENG: “LTE”,“FDD”,202,01,1894E02,478,1700,3,5,5,1253,-80,-12,-46,12,9,-10,-
+QENG: “NR5G-NSA”,202,01,478,-94,6,-12,634080,78,12,255

The Slow speed was due to a faulty cable connecting the switch to AP.

Good you found the solution by yourself :slight_smile:

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