TRB255 and 1-wire DSB1820

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very new to the Teltonika eco-system, but seriously impressed and enthusiastic about it so far.

I found the 1-wire protocol was available on the TRB141 and was wondering if there is a way to activate/implement it on a TRB255?

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Currently, only one Teltonika device (TRB141) supports the 1-Wire communication protocol.

For the TRB255, which does not support 1-Wire, a protocol that’s somewhat comparable in terms of simplicity and single-wire communication could be the UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter) protocol. UART is a commonly used serial communication protocol that utilizes just two wires (TX and RX) for half-duplex communication between devices.

It’s important to note that the TRB255 Industrial M2M Gateway supports a wide range of protocols for various communication and data exchange purposes, including BACNET, OPC UA, MODBUS TCP SLAVE, MODBUS TCP MASTER, MODBUS RTU MASTER, DATA TO SERVER, MQTT GATEWAY, DNP3, DLMS, and API. More information about the services supported by the TRB255 can be found on our wiki page at

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