TRB245 HTTP access to WAN port with private APN and private IP addres

I want to be able to access the TRB245 via the WAN LTE interface. We have a private APN that allocates a static private IP address to the SIM card.

This is a completely closed network, access to it from outside the private APN is not possible.

I have a TRB245 which is my gateway into the private APN network, and I can ping devices, but I am unable to get past the login screen, which accepts the username and password, but then says the device is unreachable.

This seems to also be the case with SSH - the log shows successful authentication, but the session is closed immediately.

Laptop → TRB245 <----> Private APN/Private IP addresses <----> TRB245


Please ensure that the specific ports you’re attempting to access your device from the WAN are open. To do this, navigate to System → Administration → Access Control and activate the following options:

  • Remote SSH access
  • Enable remote HTTP access
  • Enable remote HTTPS access

After making these adjustments, please attempt to reach your device again. If you continue to experience issues, feel free to contact us again for further assistance.

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