TRB245 data to Zabbix 5.4


I have a TRB245 getting Modbus data from a Generator (provided by a contractor).

However, i’m afraid i find the user interface convoluted :frowning:

The contractor set up the RS485 config under Modbus Serial Master section, where i am able to read the configured Genset data (using Test ).

However, despite trying several things out ( under MQTT, JSON, Data Send to Server ), I am unable to send the data to a Zabbix server. I already installed the zabbix agent and getting the Linux-y info, but that’s not what i’m interested in, it’s the Modbus data that’s crucial.

Please assist me with a straightforward guide on getting the data from the TRB245 into Zabbix, i don’t care the method (TCP/RTU/MQTT,…)



Anyone can help?

Just to be clear, i have been reading the docs on the wiki, and have tried for several days before asking for help.

I am just pressed for time, that’s all


@AndzejJ , @Daumantas

I have a similar need and also did not find any “official” way.

You could try to get the Data via a Script and “ubus call” command - and pipe that to a zabbix sender script.

My approach was to send the Data via “Data to Server” to a PHP Script which stores the Data in a Plain-Text File which is read by zabbix via HTTP.

But also looking forward to any other idea to implement this.

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Thanks Conrad :+1:, that’s a workable idea

If it comes to the worst,

I will leave Zabbix alone handling the other elements of the network, and spin up InfluxDB/Telegraf, and MQTT to those

Long-story short:

a) Fiddled with different zabbix-mqtt options for more days and finally gave up

b) Switched to the influxdb option above (medium) and got everything up and running in 1 day (face slap)

c) On the TRBs, switched off MQTT broker and publisher, and used the “Data to Server” feature to send MQTT JSON to the mosquitto broker ( thanks Conrad! )


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