TRB145 - How to set up "on change" type alarms


I have a special task to accomplish, for this, any help is appreciated!

I have a Modbus RTU unit connected to a TRB145. The Modbus RTU unit collects data from 8 digital inputs. I was able to set up the TRB145 to send periodical data via MQTT. I was also able to set up alarms (MQTT messages) that are triggered when the input from the Modbus RTU unit is equal to some predefined value.

All the above is fine, but I need alarms (MQTT messages) when the input from the Modbus RTU unit changes (it is different from the previous value). Is there any way to do this without writing a program to run on the unit?

If there is no way to this without programming, what would be the best way of doing this?

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Based on the info provided, you need an alarm to be generated when the value changes. This would require a script or development.
Clive Pinto

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