TRB143: M-Bus to Modbus TCP

Hi there,

i am using the TRB143 to send M-Bus data to AWS via the data to server feature.
This works as expected.

There is a local PLC that needs the current power value received from the M-Bus.
The PLC can act as a Modbus TCP Server (Slave). Is it possible to send a specific value from M-Bus to Modbus TCP?

Thanks a lot!


Only M-Bus Data can be pulled out via M-Bus Interface. Since, TRB143 is also having an Ethernet port, then you can connect it to the PLC and collect the needed Modbus data. On the latest firmware version, multiple collection type can be configured on Data to Server. This means that you can send M-bus and Modbus data in a single Data to Server instance.

Let me know if this cleared your doubts!



thats not exactly what I meant.
I want to do this:

M-Bus heat meter ---> M-Bus Port on TRB143 ---> via Data-to-Server to AWS AND via Modbus TCP to PLC connected on LAN-Port

The data collected from the Heat-meter should be sent to AWS and the PLC at the same time.
I hope this is more clear.



Thank you for the clarification. M-Bus via Data to Server to AWS is possible however it is not possible via Modbus TCP.


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