TRB142 Zerotier connection issues

Hi all,

I’ve managed to install Zerotier 1.10 on different TRB142 routers, following the guidelines in the Wiki.
I then successfully connected them to my Zerotier network and I can see them in the Zerotier dashboard.
My PC running Linux is also on the same VPN.

The issue is that I’m not able to connect to either of them using SSH, nor to ping them.
I also tried to see with tcpdump if there’s any traffic running through the dedicated Zerotier network interface and I cannot see any.

The strange thing is that I have another TRB142 with the same confiuguration (checked with uci CLI command) that is working fine, I can connect to it using SSH, ping it and the Zerotier network device shows plenty of traffic with tcpdump.

I don’t know how to proceed from here, is there anyone willing to help solve the issue?
To my understanding this does not seem to be a problem related to Zerotier, since I’m able to connect to other nodes in the newtork, but something in the way I configure the Teltonika or maybe a software or firmare problem.

Thanks to anyone could help me out with this issue.


Apologies for the delayed response.

You mentioned that you have another TRB142 which works fine. Is that TRB142 in the same ZeroTier network? Does it work from the same PC?

Could you please share screenshots of your ZeroTier configurations? both, from the WebUI and from the ZeroTier Website? Before sharing those here, please ensure that you blur/hide any sensitive information that may potentially be visible in the screenshots.

Kind Regards,

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