TRB142 WAN incoming IP whitelist

I’m in the process of setting up a TRB142, but am struggling with one feature.

I’d like to create a whitelist that allows access ( even to the login screen ) to a small amount of IP’s - those being the public IP’s of the users that need access to the router, and the serial device behind it. As far as any IP’s outside of this list, they don’t get a look in.

Is this even a feature on this device? If it is, I can’t find it!

Thanks if you can help !


Here is a quick tutorial on how to make your router accessible by a specific IP address on port 80:

  1. Go to Network → Firewall → Traffic Rules and create a new rule with these settings. Then, press “Add”.

  2. In the new pop-up window, enable the rule and add the Source IP addresses that will be allowed to access your router.

  3. Finally, ensure that the router is accessible on port 80. To do this, go to System → Administration → Access control and in the WebUI section, enable “Enable remote HTTP access”.

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Hi Marijus,
Thank you for you reply.

We actually use port 8174 for any we access to our routers, and I have set this as the port for WEB UI access in the device.
I have applied your suggested setting, and changed nports to 8174 where applicable.

I have set the fixed public IP address of my office as the allowed IP in the new firewall rule as suggested.

Unfortuately, I can still access the gateway from other devices - eg, i disconnect my phone from the office wireless, and from my phone I can still access the gateway.

any other suggestions?


Any other suggestions?