TRB142: Bridge functionality from RS232 to TCP/IP

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we would like to use the TRB142 modem as a bridge between the RS232 serial port and the network with TCP/IP protocol. In practice we would like to send characters on the RS232 serial port and send them directly to the network via TCP/IP and vice versa: receive from the TCP/IP network and transfer all the characters received on the RS232 serial port. Does the TRB142 provide such functionality?

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The TRB142 supports RS232 in three modes: Console mode, Over IP mode, and Modem mode.
If you need to manage serial connections over a TCP/IP network, the Over IP mode is available for that purpose. For more detailed information about RS232 on the TRB142, please refer to our wiki page: TRB142 RS232 - Teltonika Networks Wiki.

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