TRB141 not sending SMS

We have a solution with two TRB141 devices that need to communicate between each other. On one location, TRB141 through digital inputs (DI1 and DI2) and change over float contact gets information about water level in reservoir. Shorting of digital inputs sends SMS messages to another TRB141 device, which when recives SMS messages, through his relay output, starts-stops water pump which sends water to reservoir. During testing TRB141 sometimes sends SMS messages and sometimes does not, although I see changes on DI of TRB141.
DI are set as passive(dry) inputs. These DI are in I/O Juggler set to send SMS messages with following configuration:
Enabled: on
Trigger interval: 3
Trigger: Falling
Add actions: send SMS
Add actions: none

Can you help me what could be the problem, and is there any other solution for communication between two TRB141 except SMS messages?

Thank you in advance.



Many other solutions might be more complex and cumbersome. This solution appears to be straightforward, and if it works for you, it’s best to troubleshoot it since the issue seems quite obvious. However, to determine the root cause, we’ll need the troubleshoot file. Because it contains private information, we’ll handle it on a separate platform. Instructions for accessing it have been sent to the email you registered for this forum.

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I’ve looked at both troubleshoot files. In one, I found logs showing that messages are being received. However, the other troubleshoot file is from a different time frame and doesn’t show any messages sent. Could you please send me troubleshoot files where one shows sent messages and the other shows received ones?

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Hi Marijus,

I solved the problem by using an isolated input on TRB141 (pins 8 and 16 on the connector) and applying 24VDC on it. When the float contact closes, this input energizes and sends SMS message to second TRB141 to start water pump, and when the float contact opens, DI deenergizes and sends SMS message to stop water pump.
I believe that the solution with dry digital inputs DI1 and DI2 did not work because of this note in the manual: “Note: When dry/wet input is not connected to anything - the state of level is undetermined.”. It would be good for further purposes, if you can test solution with dry inputs in your lab to confirm is it possible to use these inputs to exchange information between two TRB141.


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