TRB140 send Alarm SMS again after restart/reboot

Hi all members, I’m having the issue after rebooting device TRB140. I configured a variable for 2 alarm states. One is normal (value = 0) and one is alarm (value = 1). Assuming a system is normal with no alarms, when the TRB140 has power fail and restarts or reboots, alarms with a value of 0 (normal) will be sent again or even happened when I was configuring SMS on Web UI after clicking “Save & Apply”.

Is this problem due to the way the device works or is it related to the firmware? I have also attached some configuration images below.
The device works on firmware version: TRB1_R_00.07.04.5

Could you please help me to check it out the issue ? Thank you.

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Please note that this is the normal behaviour of the router. Its because if the router is restarted or even while configuring, the initial steps of the router is to check the registers and send the alarm. This will count as the “First Trigger” and hence the sms will be sent.
This is the same behaviour in the Latest FW 7.6.2 too.
Clive Pinto

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Thanks for your response. I know the importance of the router’s initial check in this case. However, there may still be some inconvenience and annoyance to the recipient in some systems with a lot of alarms. Or when I’m configuring 100 alarms and then clicking “Save & Apply”, the SMS will send 100 messages at once!
Can I give feedback on the upcoming firmware update so that it can be more effective for users? Is it possible to have more configuration about settings reload/reboot/restart for each alarm or in general? I think this is better to have an option that will give users many options to set and not bother the recipient about messages being sent again after restart/reboot.
I look forward to your feedback.

Hi @clive.simon
Like the case of the 100 alarms configuration problem I mentioned above, do you have any way to temporarily handle it?
I really appreciate your sharing and help.

For that you would have to employ custom scripts - Like in this case, but we would not be able to help you further in this regard.
It would be custom development and would require you to contact your local sales manager.

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