TRB140 internet connection issue

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I am having an issue connecting to the internet. I can access to the internet by using the usb port but cannot with the ethernet port. Not quite sure if I need to change anything in the settings. Status does not change to “connecting” but always stay as “up”. I also attach the troubleshooting file here. TIA


Are the LED indicators on the LAN port of the TRB140 active when the cable is plugged into the PC?

Could you clarify where you’re checking the status? If it’s in the Network → Interfaces → General, then the LAN interface will constantly be in the up state (unless disabled).
Have you changed any configuration on the gateway? The LAN port should work by default, so if nothing was changed I’d recommend checking the cable, settings on your PC, etc.

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Hi Daumantas,

Yes, that is where I got the status from. I changed the IP address and password as prompted when I first log in. LED on the router is blinking but the status is showing “up” rather than “connecting” or “Running”

The status can only be Up or Down, there are no connecting or Running statuses in the Interface page.
Perhaps your PC has a static IP configured? Have you tried accessing the router management page using an Ethernet cable?

Yes, I am connecting to the router via Ethernet port. So I cannot configure my PC with a static IP and it has to obtain the IP address automatically? Cause I am using PC to control other gears which is in the IP range 10.0.0.x.

If you set the LAN IP of TRB140 to be in the network, then static IP should work as well (make sure to specify the gateway). However, if the DHCP server is enabled on the TRB140, I’d recommend trying to obtain an address automatically.

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Thank you for your help. I finally got it work after putting the DNS server as same as the gateway.

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