TRB140 - How to connect it to internet without SIM Card


I have a TRB140, and I want to connect it locally to my network (Without SIM), it will collect Modbus data from a local connected devices, then it will send it through Data to server (MQTT) to a cloud service.

Can I get some advise here please on how to do it.



Since TRB140 has only one ethernet port, you will need a switch, and another device that will provide internet access (to reach your MQTT server). In this case, configure your TRB to pull data from Modbus Servers (Modbus RTU or TCP Client feature), and configure Data to Server feature to send the collected data to your MQTT broker.

Then, you will need to create a static default route ( with the IP address of your default gateway device. This way, the device will use the default route to send data to the server.

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