TRB140 Custom script not running on firmware 7.03.2 and later

the custom script does not run on boot after an upgrade from 7.02.7 to 7.03.2 and later.
If I manually run the script through the CLI it executes fine.
the script also executes fine when sent via SSH from a PC.

any help to get the script running on boot would be appreciated.

this is the script below
curl -X GET “
curl -X GET “

exit 0


It is likely that ioman is not loaded by the time you execute the script. Could you try this:

(sleep 20 &&
curl -X GET “
curl -X GET “
) &
exit 0

Let me know if it works.

You may also try using ubus calls to manage I/Os. For example:

  • ubus call ioman.gpio.dout1 status
  • ubus call ioman.gpio.dout1 update ‘{“value”:“1”}’

To see available I/Os:

  • ubus list | grep ioman
  • ubus -v list ioman.gpio.dout1

Kind Regards,

Thank you Andzej,
You were right and the sleep command fixed the problem.
perhaps the developers could put a fix in a future firmware update to stop the custom script from running until all the system is stable and all services are running.

Best Regards