TRB140 crashed firmware version TRB1_R_00.07.06

Logged into TRB140 and clicked on the new side bar on the right hand side
The unit immediatly crashed and is now off line.
Status is showing "NO WAN LINK
I have sent reboot sms and mobileon sms but to no avail.
On checking another TBR140 with the same firmware the same thing happened.
I now have 2 units offline with no means of recovery.
Any ideas before I drive 3 hours ot the sites !

Just a quick clarification -
Status is showing "NO WAN LINK , was the message reply from SMS command ?
By any chance did you disable the mobile by mistake ?
How was the TRB140 accessed remotely ?
Kindly provide more information so that i can give you suggestions.
Clive Pinto

Hi Clive

Yes that’s what happened with the new side bar, however with FW version 7.06.0 you are unable to restart the mobile service via SMS .
I didn’t realise the new side bar switched it off !!
Have been to site and updated to 7.06.02 all is fine

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