TRB 246 mobile connected but no internet via ethernet

Hi, I am new to IoT gateways, currently I am setting up a TRB 246, my goal is to configure it to work with a 4g LTE sim, in order to provide internet access for a mini PC via ethernet.

however, I cannot seem to get internet access no matter what I do.
I have attempted the following:

  • custom APN from the cell provider

Hello joshphiri,

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Did you check if the router itself has the internet from your cell provider?

Because it can show that it is connected, but it can provide no internet access, it could be because of custom APN.

Could you try connecting to your router and from router try: ping
Was the ping succesfull?
When you go to Network → WAN → mob1s1a1 interface, does it show any IP or is it blank?
If you are not able to ping and there is no IP assigned, try changing the APN to auto and then checking it out.
If you are able to ping and there is IP assigned, you could try using Passthrough mode, to directly assign its mobile WAN IP address to another device on LAN, which in this case it would be your mini PC.
For more information about passthrough mode you can check out this guide: TRB246 WAN - Teltonika Networks Wiki
If it still does not work, I have created a hubspot request, you will find it in your email, there I would ask you to upload your troubleshoot file, for further steps on how to do so, I will contact you via there.

Let me know how it goes,

Hello DziugasS,

Thank you for the response.
The results for pinging are shown in the screenshots below.
Mob1s1a1 does show an IP address , I previously had apn issues before when it was set to auto (this would lead to frequent disconnects) but it was resolved by using the provider’s custom apn.

I have performed the troubleshoot , and I am awaiting the hubspot request so that I can upload it.


Hello Joshpiri,

I have checked the troubleshoot files that you have provided and everything looks intact, no IP conflicts, everything is routed as intended.

What caught my eye is that the ping from router to is not going through, so try pinging other IP’s like, if it does not go through, another option is to check if you have internet connection by writting curl which will show your public IP, if you can access internet at all.

My offer would be to contact your mobile provider and check everything from their side, if the given APN indeed works on your subscription plan and that it has internet plan. Try inserting the SIM card to your mobile device and testing it if it provides internet connection for your mobile.

Keep me updated how it goes,

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