TRB-143 Modbus and M-bus


We will send the data we read from Modbus and M-bus devices to the cloud simultaneously.

1.Can we read modbus and mbus data from this device at the same time?
2.Also, how do I read and control the data, where can I see it?

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The TRB143 can be used to collect M-bus data, as well as Modbus TCP (Modbus RTU is not available) data. For both, M-bus and Modbus there is ‘test’ functionality in the WebUI that you can use to verify that the TRB143 can read data from the devices. The collected data can be send to the server using Data To Server functionality. With v7.05+, you can include both, M-bus and Modbus data in a single Data to Server instance as separate data inputs, and send it to your server in the cloud.

Here are some links that can be helpful:

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